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Spectratek Heat Lamp Replacement Bulbs & Parts

Paint Curing Lamps

We are official replacement part suppliers for Spectratek
and Spectratherm IR & UV Curing Lamps.

Spectratek Replacement Bulb
Circuit Boards / Power Supplies / Gas Shocks / Any Parts You Need

Replacement Light Tubes for All Models
8000S - 8000SD - 4000S - 4000SD -  2400 - 2400SD - 1200 - 1200T

We've got Every Part you need to keep your
AMH Spectratek / Spectratherm paint curing lamp in Tip-Top Condition

Spectratek Replacement Circuit Board     Spectratek Gas Shock Assembly    

              Power Supplies / Circuit Boards / Gas Shocks - Any Parts You Need
Depend On Us
We supply Every and Any OEM Part For Your Spectratek Curing Lamps
Need Help Diagnosing An Issue With Your Lamp? Call Us' We'll Help You Isolate The Problem
And Provide The Parts If Needed.

We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot,
Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA CE & CCC Approvals

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