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GYS AIRFIX Draw Aligner Autobody Pulling Post

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Renowned for its innovation and quality, GYS's latest product redefines the process of dent removal. Dedicated to setting new standards in the auto-body repair industry, GYS introduces the
GYS - AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER Vacuum Dent Pulling Tower

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GYS Airfix Draw Aligner Suction Technology
GYS Airfix Draw Aligner Venturi Suction Effect
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Expertly made in France by GYS, this tool represents the epitome of precision, performance, and
user-friendly design.
No Floor Anchors Are Needed!

Automatically Secures Itself To The Shop Floor With Air Vacuum / Suction Technology

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Watch The Video To See It In Action.

A truly remarkable Vacuum technology that simplifies the dent repair process and increases shop production.

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Key Features Of The Advanced Air Vacuum System

  • Exclusive Patented Design: The AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER is an innovative and patented design. Its non-glued, recessed seal can be changed in a matter of seconds, enhancing durability and easy maintenance.

  • No Need For Installing Floor Anchors: The GYS Airfix Draw Aligner Vacuum Technology, seals itself to the shop floor.

  • High Pulling Capacity: With a maximum pulling capacity of 350 kg (772 lbs) and a pulling height of
   1.30 m, the Airfix Puller has a powerful pulling force. This makes it capable of easily repairing dents and damage of various sizes.

  • Ergonomic Designed: Weighing just 31 kg, (68.34 lbs) this lightweight vacuum puller is easy to maneuver with two wheels. Its slide height locking system enables the operator to adjust the pulling height in seconds without the need for any tools, improving efficiency and user experience.

  • Quiet Operation: A high-performance silencer provides a low noise level during operation, which contributes to a comfortable working environment.

  • Replaceable Seal And Pads: The unique patented design of the dent repair pulling post includes a recessed seal that is not glued like other competitive products. These parts are replaceable in just a few moments. This intelligent design simplifies maintenance and extends the machine's longevity.

  • Slide Lock System: The tool is equipped with a slide lock design which allows the pulling height to be adjusted in seconds, with no tools required. Not only does this save time but also makes the use of the portable pulling post a very user-friendly experience.

  • Included Angled Gear And Six Hook Claw: The inclusion of an angled gear helps with downward pulling. This special feature makes the tool more versatile and user-friendly, by enhancing the dent removal process in difficult-to-reach areas. The included 6-hook pulling claw adds even more value to an already economical pulling post.

FYI: Learn more info about this machine? > Check out our Airfix Draw Aligner BLOG Post.


  • Reliability: Designed with four pads in the vacuum to prevent the gasket from slipping, the machine provides reliable dent pulling. Watch The Video.

  • No Need For Installing Floor Anchors: The GYS Airfix dent pull post uses - air suction technology, to seal itself to the shop floor.

  • Speed and Versatility: The ability to change the height of the winch instantly without removing any parts adds to its speed and versatility. Your dent repair production will Soar with this innovative addition to your shop.

  • Cost-Effective: Low upfront cost makes this a game changer for your dent repair missions.

  • Enhanced Stability: It has four pads that prevent the gasket from slipping. This provides a higher degree of stability during operations, and less frustration, making it a trustworthy choice for professionals.

  • Easily Replaceable Parts: The easily replaceable seal and pads contribute to the tool's cost-effectiveness. It not only extends the life of the tool but also significantly reduces maintenance costs.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Weighing 31 kg and equipped with two wheels, this tool is designed for mobility. This means it can be easily moved around the body shop, making it a practical choice for busy professionals.

The AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER is more than just another puller; it's a solution for auto-body technicians needing to perform dent removal work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Users rave about this unique machine and have given it high ratings and recognition within the industry, and speak volumes about its reliability and performance benefits.

The Airfix Draw Aligner is your key to efficient, reliable, and cost-effective dent removal. GYS and Pro Line Systems International offer a host of support services, including videos, free consultation, and financing options, to make the purchase easy for you.

Final Assessment:
It's time to elevate your auto body repair game and see how this innovative patented Auto body puller can provide a multitude of benefits in your shop production and quality of dent repairs.
With all the features of this smartly designed system, it is indeed a game-changer in the auto-body repair industry. It simplifies the dent removal process while offering power, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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