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Gyspot Inverter PTI.G - Genius Inverter Spot Welder

WELDING & Cutting
Gyspot PTI.G Genius Inverter Spot Welder

Gyspot PTI-G Genius Spot Welder
"The Future Of Inverter Spot Welding - Is Here Today"
GYSPOT PTI.G Genius Smart Spot Welder Video

GYSPOT INVERTER PTI.G - Genius Spot Welder

Explore the state-of-the-art features and production benefits of owning this advanced spot welder.

It was developed to be the most advanced engineered spot welder for the collision repair industry.

download the pti.g welder flyer     Approved by Mercedes Benz.  

PTI.G welder lift arm features
Adjustable and motorized, the new overhanging arm allows the height to be adapted to all working conditions. This inverter spot welder has a very wide working area, Extends 120 cm from the power source. Rotates up to 30o - Foldable arm optimizes space.
Trafo pti.g lightweight welding gun

The Trafo clamp is designed to enhance the technicians' production by providing advanced functionality in a form factor that is lightweight and easy to use.

Electrode retracts in two seconds for easy access to the panels being welded.

Remote control buttons save time
Intuitive User Friendly Set-up Screen
PTI.G spot welder control panel screen

Auto Mode: The machine automatically recognizes properties of steel type, sheet-metal thickness, Panel bond presence, and insulating material between HSS/VHSS/UHSS/Boron sheet-metal.

Traceability: The recording feature saves the characteristics of each welding spot performed to the SD card provided. Easy transfer of saved reports to PC, provides documentation of all spot welds performed on a particular job.

Intuitive Set-up Screen
  • Lightweight, just 11.3 kg with the G1 arm.
  • 80 mm of automatic opening capacity (20 mm at rest)
  • Manual over-opening of the arm for access to difficult areas (200 mm release).
  • Brass clamp support and arm base for optimal electrical contact (effortless maintenance).
  • The double action feature ensures quick arm removal without the use of tools.
  • Automatic cooling connection.
  • Remote controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation).
  • Lockable Gyrosocope, ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body.
  • High duty cycle (18 points/min).
  • Optional G9 arm suitable with auto mode.
  • Optional single-side gun is available.
auto body tech using the PTI Genius resistance gun
  • Repair technician's dream machine...
  • Easy assisted maneuverability in all positions saves time and effort.

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