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CompuSpot 800 Three Phase Spot Welder

WELDING & Cutting

 CompuSpot 800HF Inverter - Resistance Spot Welder

CompuSpot Resistance Spot Welder
Compuspot 800HF Inverter / Resistance Spot Welder
The Brand With The Highest Performace
And Value

  • Heavy-duty Inverter Spot Welder capable of producing unequaled performance. The power transformer is designed to minimize losses of energy due to electrical resistance and induction.

  • Maximum 14,000 amps output power at the tips maintained by automatic power compensation.

  • High Efficiency Circulating Liquid-Cooled System with Radiator, cools welding cables and electrode tips.

  • Clamping force of over 1,240lbf at 115psi (550daN at 8bar). Sensors read the clamping force at the tips.

  • Advanced Inverter technology generates electrical impulses with controlled power curve slopes.
  • Digitally controlled programmable weld settings for producing factory-quality welds.

  • Backlite LCD display for programmable selection.

  • Designed and built with the cooperation of car manufacturers to meet the requirements for repairing today's modern vehicles using UltraLight and Advanced High Strength Steels including Boron alloys.

BONUS! Comes Complete with all sizes of welding electrodes and a full array of dent-pulling equipment at no extra charge. Just compare it to any other welder and be amazed.

        OEM Homoligations  
  Compuspot Vehicle Manufacturer Approvals

Standard Certifications
Welding Industry Certifications
Your "Total Assurance" the CompuSpot line of Three Phase Spot Welders are industry recognized and tested for the highest performance and safety standards by OEM manufacturers

ICBC Material Damage Research & Training Institute
Compuspot 800HF Spot Welder Approval Video

Watch The CompuSpot 800HF Welding Video

800HF Spot Welder Included Accessories

Beryllium Hardened Copper Welding Arms Resist Flexing
Best Value to Performance Welders In The Industry

Exceptional Engineering Features Built In
CompuSpot Welders are capable of producing unequaled performance by following these strategies:

Direct Input Of Welding Current
The desired welding current (amps) can be specified directly via the control panel.

Automated Real-Time Control Of the Current
The real-time control of the current is always active and automatically adjusts to keep the output current constant.

Open Circuit Protection
Before welding, the open circuit protection detects all bad contacts between the electrodes, which can cause undesired electrical arcing.

Input Voltage Drop Detection
An integrated line drop detection circuit verifies the input voltage levels to guarantee the welding machine's adequate operation. This feature protects the unit when it is used on an inappropriate electrical network.

Clamping Force Measurement
The CPS800HF sensors and software enables the reading of the clamping force at the tips.
Using Adapted Power Components
The loss of power produced by the electrical components in the welder is reduced to its minimum to minimize the current need.

Integrating a New Power Transformer Design
The power transformer is the component that contributes the most to the performance of spot welders. AMH® has designed it to minimize losses of energy due to electrical resistance and induction.

Generating Electrical Impulses With Controlled Power Curve Slopes
a. To minimize the expulsion of material during fusion by gradually heating the metal.

b. To eliminate excessive startup currents which can cause the circuit breakers of the electrical lines to open prematurely.

c. To eliminate the mechanical stress generated by the electromagnetic forces on all the components of the secondary circuit of the power transformer.

d. Increases electronic power components' life by minimizing heating to allow better performance.

*We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot, Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA & CE Approvals - CSA CE & CCC Approvals

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