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Aluminum Self Piercing Rivet (SPR) Gun by GYS

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns

The GYSPRESS 8T Push Pull Self Piercing Rivet Gun
The Most Popular Category Leading SPR Rivet Kit

The All In One Remarkable SPR Machine - Up Close

This New Advanced Push Pull SPR Version is sure to please with its
Dual Action Functionality and precise control
Exceptional Build Quality Provides Smooth Operation
GYS Push Pull Rivet Gun Specifications

Included standard die kit for the
"Push Pull" GYSPRESS 8T Self Piercing Rivet Gun
Performs functions for rivet extraction, hole punching for flow form rivets
flattening dies for sheet metal straightening
GYS Push Pull Aluminum Riveter Dies & Punches

The GYSPRESS 8T PUSH PULL Self Piercing Rivet Gun is the latest advancement for Aluminum Car Body SPR repairs by GYS Manufacturing, France. Talk about a Smooth Operator - This is it!
Punching holes for Flow Form Rivets can create jams, lockups and other anomalies if positioning is off center, but now with the Dual Push Pull action you let the machine do the work saving you time and frustration without distorting the punched hole.
You are rewarded with Constant performance for all day long high production - Never deal with charging batteries or or running out of power in the middle of a job due to compromised or dead batteries. Just Plug in your air hose and happily rivet as long as you need with no worries.

FACT: 8 out of 10 shops overwhelmingly prefer a hydraulic self piercing rivet gun over any battery powered system for many reasons, especially knowing they will always get constant pressure and continuous operation with no interruption.  The Push Pull Riveter generates 8 Tons of smooth precision controlled pressure. This has become an industry requirement to fully set the rivet to it's fully flattened position for a safe, quality factory look and bond.

The GYSPRESS 8T PUSH PULL Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit is an Automatic Air Powered Riveter specially designed to perform common riveting tasks in modern body shops including Self Piercing Rivets and standard Flow Form riveting on Aluminum & Steel vehicles.

The Critical Manufacturing process involved in the production of the gun results in a machine second to none in smooth performance and effectiveness within a closed hydraulic system.
  • Precisely manufactured to extremely close tolerances the SPR Gun will provide years of trouble free operation
  • You'll never have to add hydraulic fluid because of it's unique closed hydraulic system.
  • No more fighting trying to release stuck hole punching jams
  • Resist breaking punches as the machine reverses the punch in the same angle
  • Saves time and won't distort or compromise the metal
  • Control Self Peircing rivet Operations with adjustable Speed & Pressure settings up to 8 Tons right at your fingertips.
  • No External Pump - Fully Self Contained
  • Fully Supported by the GYS USA Team  
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*New Optional Accessory
Transform your Gyspress Car Body Riveter into a Multi-Functional device with the
*Optional Flexible blind rivet accessory.
This flexible blind rivet attachment reaches areas other blind rivet guns can't.

Blind Rivet Adapter for Gyspress 8T

Another Great Engineering Achievement by GYS

Add The New Flexible Blind Rivet Attachment For Even Greater Versatility

Available Accessories
Optional Push Pull Accessories are available offering even greater technician enhancements for quickly accomplishing arm & die setup in minimal time.
optional gyspress rivet gun accessories
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This is the new flexible blind rivet attachment option
Now one tool does it all
For further information regarding our self piercing rivet gun options please contact us for any questions you may have including Pricing, Availability and Tech Support

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