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Titanium Air Bag Jack

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"In our tradition of Making Expensive Equipment Affordable Since 2002"
We offer a quality 3 stage Air Bag Jack at a great price.

This is the Quality & Value Air Bag Jack you've been waiting for.

The Titanium 3 stage Air Jack is a must have for any auto body shop, Loading cars & trucks on your anchor systems is fast & secure.

This unit has a THREE (3) section rubber bladder, bringing the maximum height up and only minimally affecting the lowered height. 100,000 cycle durability tested.

On competing brands you will see a push button set up for raising & lowering cycles. This jack uses Ball valves which are far superior! these are the most durable valves used in so many industries and easily replaceable.
This air bag jack Features a very wide head, as this is crucial to the lifting contact point on whatever object or vehicle you come in contact with for stability. Rubberized to avoid damage to frame rails in auto body work. Non slip features for efficiency and safety.

The specifications:
Minimum collapsed height: 5-3/4 inches
Maximum raised height: 16 inches
Weight capacity maximum: 2 ton, 4000 pounds.
Safety (1): Built in pressure relief valve to prevent over inflation.
Safety (2): Nested internal rings to prevent and minimize sway. As the three stage air bag jack raises so do these metal rings adding tough stability.
Maintenance: none, but use dry air!
Handles: full rubber hand grips for non slip easy handling.
Recommended air pressure: 100 + PSI + 120 PSI Ideal.
Product weight; 35 pounds
Finish: Multiple coats of top grade powder coating.
Cycle time: Raises in a matter of seconds (depends on load)
Quality & Price is what matters and this 3 stage air bag jack has it all.  $389.00

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