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Self Piercing Rivet Gun - We Reveal The Best Choice for 2022

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Published by Pro Line Systems in Body Shop Equipment · 7 January 2022
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GYSPRESS 10T self piercing rivet gun kit

Self Piercing Rivet Guns - A Must-Have Tool For Auto Body Repair

Here's a quick review of the self-piercing riveting process you may already know or not. We will reveal the number #1 selling SPR Riveters in this blog post. So if you are in the market for a self-piercing rivet gun, you owe it to yourself to "Read On"...

SPR ( Self Piercing Rivets) are not new to the world of manufacturing in many industries. In the past decade, the use of SPR Rivets has become increasingly widespread in the assembly of the modern automobile,
and for good reason.

The need for vehicle manufacturers to lighten vehicle weight to achieve higher energy efficiency mandates has accelerated the use of Aluminum as the best material to achieve these demands. Steel is much stronger than aluminum, but with newer manufacturing processes, alloy, and vehicle design, aluminum has proven to be safe and strong for car bodies, and it is the way of the future. Many other benefits of the use of self-piercing rivets are they can cold join several layers of dissimilar materials such as plastics, aluminum, and steel without causing galvanic corrosion.

Many manufacturers of spot-welded steel-bodied cars and trucks are now standardizing the use of self-piercing rivets with a bonding material in replacing body panels. It creates a uniform repair across all collision repair facilities around the world. Variables in spot welding are determined by the technician using the machine. Did the weld have enough power for proper penetration? Was the weld too hot or cold? Squeeze pressure also plays a very important part in producing a quality safe weld. SPR eliminates all these variables and produces fast panel joining with no fear of rust or corrosion forming down the road. Joining aluminum and steel with SPR will not produce any negative effects.

So Now We Introduce You To Our Highly Recommended #1 Selling Rivet Gun.

The Standard GYSPRESS 10T and GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull  (Ten Ton Mega Power Machines)

technician using a self piercing rivet gun

The GYSPRESS 10T  (TEN TONS) Now With 2 Year Warranty.

GYS 2 year warranty  

No more complaints about wishing your riveter had extra power to flatten rivets totally flat
to match the factory ones.

Ten Tons, "Gets The Job Done"  At A Price That Will Amaze You.
The Best Does Not Cost More!

Engineered with the precise setting of speed and power for all car body repairs.

rivet gun kit        Optional GYS Mobile Cart
                       *Optional Trolley Station

The GYSPRESS 10T Comes complete with everything you need to start riveting.
Learn more about this Category Leading machine and why it is the best option for you.

Kit contains the 44mm C-Arm, Die kit for 5.3mm and 3.3mm rivets, Hole punch, rivet removal die
Strap & Bracket, Special punch, 300 Self-piercing rivets in various sizes.

Now head on over to our GYS PRESS 10T Page for specifications, features, options, and Videos

learn more about the rivet machine

Any Questions? Call Pro Line Systems International Inc. for a free consultation at 305-793-9503

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