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Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System

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Published by Pro Line Systems in Informational · 2 September 2023
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The Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System: A Revolution in Automotive Precision

tru-line tl-12 deluxe alignment system

In the world of automotive maintenance and repair, precision and accuracy are paramount. A high-quality wheel alignment system is indispensable when it comes to ensuring that a vehicle's wheels are correctly aligned. The Tru-Line TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System is designed and manufactured by Tru-Line, it stands out as a testament to accuracy, simplicity, reliability, and value.

Do you need to perform alignment for vehicles like cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, or buses? Opt for the TL-12 passenger car and light truck system and include the TL-90 Dually One Ton kit to ensure alignment for anything from compact cars to heavy-duty trucks. If your focus is exclusively on heavy trucks and trailers, then the TLT-12 Heavy Truck and Trailer system is the right choice.

For those not concerned with aligning trailers, consider the TLT-12 Bus system, designed for aligning tractors, buses, large RVs, and other Class B and larger vehicles. If your sole requirement is to align trailers, the TT-14 is your go-to option. Should you require a customized solution, feel free to contact us, and we can tailor a system that combines multiple components to meet your specific needs.
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Tru-Line Alignment System On Toyota Vehicle
With decades of proven operation in the field, the TL-12 has earned its reputation as a leading choice for both passenger cars and light trucks. This essay explores the exceptional features and advantages of the TL-12 wheel alignment system, which make it an indispensable tool for automotive professionals.

The TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System: Unparalleled Precision
The TL-12 stands at the forefront of wheel alignment technology, offering unparalleled precision in the automotive industry. This system has been meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern vehicles, and its track record speaks for itself. Here are some key features that set the TL-12 apart:

Accuracy: At the heart of the TL-12 system lies its exceptional laser accuracy, which is accurate to 1/64ths of an inch. This level of precision ensures that even the slightest misalignment is detected and corrected, leading to improved vehicle performance, tire longevity, and fuel efficiency.

Simplicity: Unlike some complex and high-maintenance wheel alignment systems on the market, the TL-12 thrives on simplicity. It eliminates the need for expensive alignment racks, complicated setups, and maintenance contracts. With the TL-12, what you see is what you get—an efficient and straightforward tool that gets the job done.

Portability: The TL-12's portable design makes it an ideal choice for automotive professionals who require flexibility in their workspace. It can be easily transported to various locations, allowing mechanics to perform alignments wherever they are needed, be it in the workshop or on-site. Great for the mobile mechanic trade.

Versatility: One of the standout features of the TL-12 is its ability to handle a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars to light trucks. It can adapt to almost any wheel and align nearly anything that rolls through the door, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for any automotive service center.

Cost of Ownership: A Competitive Advantage
In an industry where costs can quickly add up, the TL-12 shines as a cost-effective solution. When compared to systems that can cost upwards of $50,000, the TL-12 provides the same level of accuracy and functionality without the exorbitant price tag. Here's how the Tru-Line TL-12 offers a competitive advantage in terms of cost:

No Maintenance Contracts:
Unlike some alignment systems that require costly maintenance contracts, the TL-12 operates smoothly without any ongoing contractual obligations. This translates to significant cost savings for automotive businesses in the long run.

No Frills, Just Results:
While some systems come equipped with flashy bells and whistles, the TL-12 focuses on delivering results without unnecessary extravagance. This simplicity not only keeps the initial purchase cost down but also minimizes potential repair and maintenance expenses.

Two-Year Warranty:
Tru-Line stands behind the quality and durability of the TL-12 laser aligner by offering a two-year warranty. This commitment to customer satisfaction further enhances the system's overall value.

Deluxe Package: Everything You Need for Precision Alignment
The TL-12 Deluxe Package is designed to provide automotive professionals with everything they need for precision wheel alignment. Included in the package are:

TL-12 Car and Light Truck Alignment System:
The core component of the package, the TL-12 system itself, is a testament to precision and reliability.

14" Stands: *Included with Deluxe Package.
These stands provide stability and convenience during the alignment process, ensuring that the TL-12 operates at its peak performance.

Turn Tables/Radius Plates: *Included with Deluxe Package.
These essential components enable precise measurement and adjustment of caster and camber readings, further enhancing alignment accuracy.

Slip Plates: *Included with Deluxe Package.
Slip plates facilitate smooth vehicle movement during alignment, reducing friction and ensuring that measurements are as precise as possible.

Level Compensator: *Included with Deluxe Package.
The level compensator is a crucial addition for achieving accurate caster and camber readings, even on non-level surfaces.

Technical Advancements and Specifications
The TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System boasts several technical advancements that contribute to its exceptional performance:

Calibrates in the Field:
Unlike some systems that require elaborate calibration processes, the TL-12 can be calibrated in the field in a matter of seconds, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

The system runs on readily available D-cell batteries, eliminating the need for complicated power setups or reliance on external power sources and cables that get in the way.

Quick Read Time:
With the ability to read an entire vehicle in just 20 minutes, the TL-12 streamlines the alignment process, allowing automotive professionals to service more vehicles efficiently.

100% US-Made:
Proudly manufactured in the USA, the TL-12 reflects Tru-Line's commitment to quality and precision, and it has supported domestic manufacturing for over 35 years.

Visit our Tru-Line TL-12 web page > For more information.

Do You Work On Busses, RVs, Tractor Trailers, Race Cars? There are several add-on packages available.

  Tru-Line TL-12 Deluxe Wheel Alignment System

 Tru-Line TL-12 Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment System

Presented by: Giulio Valle
Pro Line Systems International Inc. 305-793-9503

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wheel alignment technician gives 2 thumbs up for the tru-line TL-12 wheel alignment System
Congratulations on taking the first step! Let me provide you with some valuable information on wheel alignments at the body shop level.

Today every collision repair facility needs to evaluate every department and all functions that exist in a shop's daily operation and define how it reflects the overall contribution to the facility's profit potential.

As a business owner in the auto body repair industry, you may be experiencing a decline in profits due to various factors. To prevent this trend from continuing, consider offering wheel alignments as a service. This can quickly increase your repair margins and help boost your overall profits.

Have you ever found yourself saying, "We send our wheel alignments to the Alignment Guy Down The Street? We can't do them ourselves because it takes too much time and effort, and the cost of an alignment system is too high"?

If so, please consider the impact this decision has on your auto repair business. Rather than complaining about the struggle to turn a profit and keep up with rising costs, investing in an alignment system could help improve your bottom line.

FYI: I am here to inform you that if you are not exploring every potential income resource available for your business, giving total emphasis on being more efficient and self-reliant, and evaluating every possible area to retain in-house sublet profits, you will continue to suffer the consequences.

I have an example that can assist you in deciding whether a product is worth investing in or not. You can adjust the numbers to match your store's actual figures and make an informed decision. The figures used are conservative and realistic.

You should pull your closed paperwork to see exactly how many alignment dollars you sent to “The Guy Down The Street”

Evaluate Your Return On Investment. ROI.

As an example, consider if you just did the following:
Four two wheel alignments per week @ $50.00 per alignment = $200.00 per week
$200.00 per week X 4 weeks = $800.00 per month = $9,600.00 per year profit

Why give it to the Guy Down The Street?

Add just (2) Four wheel alignments a week into these figures:
@ $100.00 per alignment = $200.00 per week x 4 weeks = $800.00 per month = 9,600.00 per year
Four wheel alignments per week = $7,680.00 per year

Add an additional Two (4) wheel alignments per week = $9,600.00 per year
TOTAL $19,200 per year Profit
“WOW” Absolutely Pays For Itself - Plus Makes You Money You Were Giving Away “Fast”

Currently, as of the date of this publication, the Cost of the basic system on special is $5,897.00
Shipping approx. $350.00

Sound like a NO BRAINER?

Do You Still Want To Send Your Alignments To That “Guy Down The Street”?
  • You can choose exactly where to align the vehicle, “on your frame machine or on the floor”
  • No more arguing with the “Guy down the street” saying he can’t align the vehicle because you did
      a bad repair job.
  • Your new knowledge and capabilities of wheel alignment make “YOU” the specialist.
  • Enjoy total professional independence and keep all that money where it belongs, In Your Shop.
  • An easy learning curve is assured because of the simplicity of the system.

Final Evaluation.
The TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System by Tru-Line is the epitome of accuracy, simplicity, and reliability in the world of automotive maintenance. With decades of proven performance, cost-effectiveness, and a range of essential features, it is a tool that every automotive professional should consider integrating into their operations.

From passenger cars to Light Trucks, Buses, Tractor Trailers, RV'S, and more, the TL-12 excels in providing precision wheel alignment, improving vehicle performance, and ultimately saving both time and money. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Tru-Line's TL-12 Deluxe Car & Truck wheel alignment systems continue to be a Value leader in the automotive wheel alignment industry, setting new standards for precision and quality.

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