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New Collision Repair Products At Pro Line Systems

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Take Your Shop To The Next Level For Big Profits
Start repairing dents the smart easy way with the Dent Fix GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station
Repair dents, dings, hail damage without re-painting

Tru-Line TL-12
Stop losing money!
Here's an economical way to increase your shop's profit margins fast. Introducing the Tru-Line TL-12 Deluxe Wheel Alignment System from Pro Line Systems International-Auto Body Shop Equipment.

Boost your auto body shop's profitability and capabilities by doing your own wheel alignments. With the TL-12 Deluxe, you'll have the power to align vehicles with precision and efficiency, saving you time and money.

Say goodbye to outsourcing alignments and hello to increased profits. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to take control of your shop's success.

Introducing the new GYS AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER

Learn how this remarkable machine is a game changer for dent repair. No Anchoring Needed.

It secures itself to the shop floor by Air-Suction. Don't miss this introductory Pre-Sale Offer.

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