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GYS blind rivet adapter for GYSPRESS 8T
GYSPOT PRO 230 Steel Dent Puller
Watch The 900 Fusion Slide Show For More Information
IBCB Material Damage Research & Training Institute - Compuspot 800 Video
American Freedom Frame Machine

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FYI: Sometimes a shop owner can't justify the huge expense of upgrading a building's electrical wiring just to support a spot welder. But, he still needs to employ spot welding to keep up with proper collision repair procedures, time savings, safety and quality repair benefits it provides.

The Punta Plus 230V/50 -13,000 AMP 1,232 Lb Squeeze Force Single Phase Liquid Cooled machine provides the best option and features not found on any other spot welder anywhere.

Watch the Punta Plus Video with the exclusive "0 Gravity" Articulated arm
which supports the full weight of the gun. Amazing!
Watch The Video

PRIMA Punto Plus Single Phase Spot Welder
Universal Truck Holding For Any Truck And Any Frame Machine
Spectratek Overhead Paint Curing System BMW KIA Factory Collage
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