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GYS Welder in operation by technician
American Freedom Frame Machine
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Pro Line Systems Featured Equipment

Electronic Measuring Systems Starting At $6,999
We offer several professional measuring systems from trusted manufacturers
in every price range and technology.

Ford - Aston Martin Approved Equipment Logos

See why Ford has Approved the advanced State of The Art CMO RV/EP-02 self-piercing rivet gun
for their Ford Certified Repair program.

RV700 Is Approved by Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin Certified Repair Programs
Best Quality / Best Technology / Best Price
CMO RV700 Approved Riveter By Ford, Jaguar,
Land Rover, Aston Martin

The GYSPOT PTI.G Genius Spot Welder
"The Spot Welder Of The Future" Here Today.

Learn more about this fully automated machine with its onboard intelligence systems and technician-friendly motorized ease-of-use advanced design. Approved by Mercedes Benz AG

Check out the GYS PTI.G Genius spot welder

"SMART" Spot Welder

GYS Intelligent Spot 7 Technology makes spot welding easier than
ever before.
Learn about this Amazing Performer and why it has become the
Category Leading Spot Welder and Technician Favorite Machine

GYS AUTOPULSE 220-M3 220V Single Phase Do It All Mig / Mag Welder

The Technician's Favorite Mig Welder

TESLA Approved

Exciting Mig / Mag Wire Feed Welding Technology from GYS

Advanced Features for Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, and Steel.

Easily sets up and produces the finest welds

AUTOPULSE 220-M3 Multi-Function Mig / Mag

Check Out The GYS Autopulse 220-M3 Multi Function Mig/Mag Welder

Why Is This Self Piercing Rivet Gun Our Best Seller, And Why Is It The Category Leader?
Discover Why You Need It...

GYSPRESS 10T Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit
New 10-Ton Model

GYS - EasyCut 40 Plasma Cutter

The Easycut 40 plasma cutter by - GYS provides precision metal cutting capabilities. Razor cut any metal, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, up to 15mm thick.
Plasma Cutter by GYS
Affordable inverter technoloy by - GYS
Best Truck Frame Anchor System

Extreme Versatility / 20 Minute Set-up on Any Style Frame

You May Never Have To Jack Up A Truck Again

Aluminum Repair Equipment Solutions
Top brands at great prices, GYS / CompuSpot / Dent Fix / Prima / CMO

RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Compuspot 180AL Aluminum Dent Puller

GYSPOT Pro 230 Multi-Function Steel Dent Puller
Nitrocell Plastic Welder
Click Photo To Learn More

Truck Holding At It's Best
CompuSpot 160 Digital Dent Puller

Compuspot 160 Digital Dent Puller

The Amazing CMO Electro Power Hand-held, battery-operated auto body structural alignment kit.

5 Tons of Push & Pull Magic in your hand.
Straighten Auto Bodies With Just One Hand

American Made Frame Machines

The American Freedom Frame Machines & Star A Liner 360 Value Racks Are Quality Crafted In The USA With American Steel And Certified American Welders. Starting At $18,995.
Check out all the models and be Amazed!

Go to the frame machine page
The GYS AIRFIX Air Suction / Vacuum Dent Pulling Post. If you are looking for the latest advancement in quality anchorless dent-pulling technology - HERE IT IS! Now you can perform dent removal anywhere on the shop floor. The portable power post seals itself to the shop floor without needing floor anchors, Just attach your air hose and let it do it's magic.

High Air Suction / Best Quality & Features by GYS / Learn More

The AlumaTech Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation

  • Turn key complete Aluminum Dent Repair Workstation includes everything you need for proper aluminum repairs.
  • At the heart of the system is the professional feature-rich Compuspot 180AL Aluminum Dent Puller
  • Made in North America...
  • Exclusive non metallic adjustable weight hammer & dolly repair tools - So much more
  • Priced to make our customers happy...
  • Finance it with low payments

information for the alumatech aluminum dent repair workstation

Universal Car Moving Dollies by DJS are one of the most important investments a shop can make.
Move immobile vehicles quickly, easily, and safely with wheels on or off the vehicle.

For Over 40 Years We Have Been Proudly Providing
"Best Of Class" Body Shop Equipment And Industry Support
supporting your industry
Auto Body Shop Tools & Repair Equipment
Built By Leading Manufacturers / Priced Sensibly
Meet Every Auto Body Resistance Spot and Mig Welding Challenge With Us!
Aluminum & Steel Dent Pullers - All Automotive Steels - Silicon Bronze
Self Piercing Rivets & Rivet Guns
"You Name It, We've Got You Covered"
We Have All AMH CompuSpot, Spectratek & Spectratherm Replacement Parts

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