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Compuspot 700HF Spot Welder

The COMPUSPOT 700 High Frequency Spot Welder
CompuSpot 700HF Inverter Resistance Spot Welder
More Power - More Quality - More Value - Just Compare
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The Compuspot 700 High Frequency Inverter Spot Welder is the very capable and highly popular spot welding system in the AMH Compuspot Line-up. It is designed to weld all new advanced high strength steels including Boron alloys.
The 700HF utilizes Beryllium hardened copper welding arms that resist flexing resulting in loss of squeeze pressure. It delivers 11,500 Amps at the electrode tips and squeeze pressure of 550 daN at 8 bar 115psi (1240Lbf).
The CompuSpot 700HF is totally liquid cooled through an advanced liquid cooling system which provides continuous circulation through a high speed radiator and fan system to achieve the highest heat dissipation resulting superior cycle time and excellent weld performance.
The CompuSpot 700HF includes a two and a half arm set and weight balancing pulley making maneuvering the welding clamp light and easy and making technicians happy.
A full accompaniment of dent pulling tools is included for - Stitch Welding, Stud, Nut and Washer Welding, Wiggle Wire, Carbon Rod for flameless Heat Shrinking, Slide Hammer and Stud Puller and much more.

The 700HF High Frequency Spot Welder is the best value in the industry and built by the veteran collision repair equipment manufacturer AMH Canada.
Highly affordable and extremely capable you can feel confident of your purchase decision as it has the certification of many automotive manufacturers around the world.
The CompuSpot 700 High Frequency Inverter spot welder will serve you well now and into the future.
More Value - More Power - More Capabilities - and top notch tech support are yours when you purchase your spot welder from Pro Line Systems International.

Giulio Valle

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CompuSpot 700HF
More Power - More Quality - More Value - Just Compare

Call For Latest Pricing 305-793-9503

The Compuspot 700 spot welder is an industry approved high performance inverter spot welding system offering the industry's best value.

Pro Line Systems assures our customers get the most power and quality per dollar invested.
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