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Compuspot 850

Compuspot 850 Spot Welder Welding Arm Sets

The Compuspot 850 High Frequency Inverter Resistance Spot Welder is the kid brother to the amazing Compuspot 900 Fusion. It shares many of the same specifications, features and capabilities but at a lower price.

The Compuspot 850HF Inverter Resistance Spot Welder is designed to weld today's high strength dual phase and boron steels with up to 630 daN (1,386lbf) of tip pressure and 14,000 amps of welding current.

  • USB port for data transfer and program updates.

  • Welding report storage on USB of each spot weld performed: user, current, force, time, etc. It keeps a log of every weld on a particular job showing technician information, time of weld, power, pressure, pass or fail documentation.

  • Access weld reports saved on the system to your USB drive. Print the report for your records and peace of mind knowing you can show proof the welding process was performed properly and to industry standards.

  • Liquid cooling all the way to the electrode tips. Reach enhanced cycle times never before attainable with the exclusive high performance liquid pump and radiator with fan system.

  • 7" touch screen control panel with high resolution color

(800x480 pixels).

  • EMF shielded cables optional. Protection for sensitive vehicle electronics and human safety.

  • CSA, CE & CCC approvals.


AMH Canada has maintained a substantial world wide private label business manufacturing products for big names as Snap-On, Blackhawk, MAC, Matco, Motorguard, Brewco, S.A.M. Marquette, NAPA, Herkules, Iwata, Blue Boy, Cobra, just to name a few.

Pro Line Systems is proud to offer AMH Canada products to our customers.
Ultimate Products and Value from a Solid long time industry leader means greater Value and Satisfaction for our customers.

We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot, Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA & CE Approvals - CSA CE & CCC Approvals

Fantastic New Generation Of User Friendly Spot WeldingTechnology.   
The New CompuSpot 850

AMH Compuspt Operating Panel
The CompuSpot 850 Hi-Rez Touch Screen eliminates user frustration with fast and easy commands to get right to the job of superior Spot Welding, Dent Pulling, Carbon Rod Heat Shrinking, Stud and Nut Welding And So Much More.

Download the CompuSpot 850 brochure for all the details here.

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Power And Performance - And At Such A Great Price!

All New and Ready for Prime Time! The Compuspot 850 provides many of the features of the CompuSpot FUSION with the easy to use Hi-Resolution Touch Screen and FUSION Cabinetry at a price point that makes real sense.

Power and Performance Unmatched! Download the new CompuSpot 850 brochure to learn more.   

Check out the CompuSpot 900 Fusion the totally new intelligent spot welder that practically runs itself.

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