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DJS Car Moving Dollies

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Best Car Moving Dollies

DJS Fabrications Universal Car Moving Dollies
 #1 Most highly recommended
DJS Car & Truck Wheel Moving Dolly
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DJS Fabrications Universal Dolly System / Our Most Popular Product
The DJS Fabrications Universal Wheel Dolly has earned the best in class category as being the most versatile car moving product ever devised for auto repair shops.

Each Car Dolly is rated at a huge 4000 lbs each. Featuring the one of a kind patented 6"  type polyurethane tire and quality casters.
Now moving disabled vehicles has Never Been Easier. And, they won't scratch finished shop flooring.

Now you can Roll over everything in your path with ease, where other small hard wheeled dollies always fail. A full accompaniment of adapters for wheel off situations and a non damaging pinch weld clamp for suspension out or any other situation makes the DJS Dolly a "Best In Class" product.

Manufacturer Approved Adapters are available for
BMW - Mercedes - Porsche - Corvette - Tesla
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Safety Information For Moving Hybrid Vehicles
 Do you work on Hybrid Electric vehicles?  Click the Hybrid Analysis Logo to learn why these car dollies are a "Must Have" safety item in your shop

Car Wheel Dolly Comparison

Hub Adapters, Rocker Pinch Weld Adapters Are Included
Unlike other wheel dollies the DJS Dolly makes easy work of loading damaged vehicles onto your frame machine. Several options are available such as the frame machine loading plates, threshold ramps. full frame channel adapters as well as several specialty holding adapters for Mercedes / BMW / Porsche / Corvette / Audi etc. all geared to help you attain the highest levels of productivity.
Move Any Car In Any Condition - Wheels On or Off - You Choose The Quickest Method Because Now You Can...
This is the one "Must Have" product for the auto body or mechanical repair shop.

DJS Mobile Dolly Station is ready to move your dollies to the vehicle and keep all accessories together in one convenient system
DJS Mobile Dolly Station

No More Caster Wheel Failures Common On Other Car Dollies - These Are Built To Last

These DJS Car Dollies Move Vehicles Easily Over Rough Or Uneven Surfaces

Approved By All Vehicle Manufacturers Including - Mercedes / BMW / Audi / Porsche

The patented 6 inch Casters are the main feature of this unique one of a kind car moving product. These Casters combine both Needle Bearings and Ball Bearings for long life and superior performance, the Casters will outlast any other caster wheel available today. Our Customers rave about the immediate benefits and time saved moving immobile vehicles around the shop. Weighing in @ Fifty Pounds Each this Dolly is built to last, providing you the assurance of years of trouble free service and increased repair production...

Save Time And Money With The Best Car Moving Dolly Ever.

Let Us help you create the best DJS car moving dolly package with the exact accessories you need for your particular shop at the best price.


Customize your Dolly System with these quality OEM Approved Adapters for the best car moving experience.

Car Moving Dolly Accessories
BMW Mercedes Approved Adapters For DJS Dollies

The Universal Car Dollies are the best of the breed. Our customers report they are amazing and makes a huge difference in their body shop production.  

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