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AIM Hybrid Battery Spot Welder

WELDING & Cutting

Do you need a Spot Welder but your electrical requirements don't stack up?
Can't justify the high cost of upgrading your wiring?
Every business needs a "Plan B" Strategy to stay on top of their game!

We've Got Your Solution

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Spot Welder
*shown with optional single side gun

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Helping our customers achieve the highest levels of productivity is what we do. The AIM Manufacturing Hybrid Battery Operated Spot Welder is a prime example of bringing our customers the best product category options available.

When electrical issues become a problem the Hybrid Battery Powered Spot Welder ignores all that wiring stuff and gets right to the business of spot welding your way to industry compliance, safety, improved cycle time, increased profitability and the highest levels of quality repairs. Ask anyone that uses spot welding technology and they will tell you they will never go back using a Mig when spot welds can be utilized. Read on...

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Resistance Spot welding capabilities are an essential part of collision repair and if you don't utilize a resistance spot welder in your repair processes you are going to come up short. You'll lose precious time, suffer quality and safety issues and otherwise not be in compliance with today's recommended repair procedures. Not Good!
As fact may have it many shops are not equipped with adequate wiring, transformers, breakers etc to support a 220 3 phase power demanding welder. Therefore shop owners face the dilemma of spending sometimes as much as the cost of the welder itself or more on electrical upgrades, or foregoing having a spot welder at all.  But there is great news.

The AIM Hybrid Resistance Spot Welder System gives you the proven capabilities you need to succeed with impressive results on a simple
110V outlet... Reaching A Huge 10,000 Amps Of Welding Power

The AIM Hybrid battery powered spot welder system will enable you to have your cake and eat it too. Benefit from it's serious spot welding capabilities on all new modern vehicles with just a Simple 110v 20 amp outlet.
YES! You read that correctly...

Product Description
Double sided spot welder with (optional) single sided spot welding capabilities. This squeeze type resistance spot welder requires a simple 110V 20AMP power source. This battery powered spot welder has a Technician friendly light weight gun which provides easy maneuvering around auto body structures.

Great Alternative When 3 Phase Power Is Not Available - The Batteries Power This Spot Welder
Features Include:
•Combination Transformer/Battery
•Direct Current Operation
•10ft. Air Cooled Cables
•Updated Digital Controls
•Built in Tool Storage
•Adjustable Tip Pressure w/up to 1000lbs of Force
•Approved for Boron Steel Applications
•Used in I-CAR Training                                            
Four maintenance free batteries develop 10,000 Amps and an advanced charging system keeps batteries ready to go.   

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