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Mig Welders

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AMH Canada

The New Ultramig PI250 Double Puse Aluminum Mig Welders offer the latest technology for Ultimate Performance

The new Ultramig PI250 Series Aluminum Mig Welders offer "Double Pulse" Technology for Superior Performance across the entire range of it's features.

The Ultramig PI250 "Double Pulse Aluminum Mig Welders" offer Superior Precision control and greater heat reduction than other older technologies.

 Pulse Aluminum Mig Welder
ultramig 225

                   VIDEO:   Silicone Bronze Welding With The UltraMig 225

VIDEO: ICAR Mig Brazing

AMH 200 Mig Welder

The UltraMig 200 is the machine for the next millennium. This MIG welder meets today's needs and tomorrow's. Ultimate control at your finger tips with a state-of-the-art touch pad panel. Programmed for three wire size for steel or aluminum. Spot and stitch weld modes. Fine tuning of wire speed and weld time. Work out of position. Synergic control on the handle allows precise adjustments while welding! Spool gun receptacle is already built in. Patented "self-compensating" wire drive system adjusts for any wire size and prevents "bird nests." Chosen for its advanced technology as major sponsor for auto body repair in world competition at the 35th (Montreal '99) and 36th (Seoul '01) International Skill Olympics.

AMH 200 Mig Welder

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Only One Available On This Custom Built Dual 4 Wheel Drive Powerhouse.  

New (unused in the box) UltraMig 260HP (High Performance) The machine is designed for heavier duty work with a maximum 310amp  output  (up to 5/8" in a single pass) and has the beefier MB26 torch assembly with synergic control.  It has the high productivity package (2 connectors, 2 gas solenoids, and room for 2 gas bottles) plus a 4 wheel drive system.

The Reg price on a machine like this would be $5,495.00.  The stock number is 28.700.00.40.  It comes with a 5 year warranty on the transformer, diodes, and choke, 2 years on the circuit boards.  It is programmed for Steel, Aluminum, and Silicone Bronze and will accommodate a synergic spool gun.  The heat and feed are synchronized for both steel and aluminum in 3 different wires (.024 to .035).  

An optional 15' torch and cable assembly is available as well as the spool gun with a 20' cable for Aluminum welding. ultramig 260

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AMH UltraMig 135

UltraMig 135

This portable, UltraMig 135 compact 115 volt MIG welder has been created to make welding fast, easy and spatter free. Specifically designed for MIG welding carbon steel and low-alloy steel with either CO2 or Argon/CO2 mixture shielding gas using solid or flux cored (tubular) electrode wires. Has reversible polarity for no-gas applications. Features AMH'S patented synergic control on the torch plus fine tuning of wire speed and a manual mode on the control panel. Comes with a regulator and 2 lb spool of wire. Carry it home!

We are Authorized AMH Canada Distributors for Spectratek, Spectratherm, Compuspot, Ultramig, Blue Boy Benders, AlumAtech Aluminum Repair Station - CSA & CE Approvals - CSA CE & CCC Approvals

AMH UltraMig 135
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