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Eclipse Measuring Screen Shots

Measuring Systems
Your Reputation And Professionalism Shines Through In Every Damage Analysis And Repair Documentation Report You Produce. Follow the screen shots that easily represent the Eclipse Electronic measuring System process. Then consider how the Eclipse will effectively provide the powerful documention that will get you every repair hour you deserve.

Pg-1 Eclipse Data Entry Screen


Click On Photos To Enlarge The Screen Shots  

Pg-2 Eclipse Electronic Measuring System Set-Up Screen
Click Photo To Enlarge

Pg-3 Eclipse - Alternate Set-up Screen Click Photo To Enlarge

PG-4 Eclipse Electronic Measuring System 3D Screen Showing Damage In Three Colors.
This makes it easy to understand the total depth of misalignment necessary for proper repairs.

Pg-5  Eclipse 3D Screen Showing Three Color Damage - Presented In An Alternate View

Pg-6 3D Damage Repair Progression Screen - Damaged Area Changed To Yellow (Less Severe) From Red (More Severe) As Damage Aproaches Total Correction

Pg-7 Repair Verification Complete Screen - All Reference Points Are Now Green Showing Totally Restored Frame Spec's. A Highly Technical Process made extremely Simple!

Pg-8 Alternate 3D View Of Eclipse Electronic Measuring System - Repair Complete Screen

Pg-9 2D Repair Complete Screen

Pg-10 Repair Estimate Report Screen - Shows details of what repair procedures need to be performed

Pg-11 Adding Color Screen Shots To The Eclipse Report For Better Explanation Of Repair Process

Pg-13 Eclipse Damage Report Including All Repair Details Ready To Email To Insurance Company

Pg-12 Eclipse Report Showing Digital Photos Of Vehicle Damage In Process Of Measuring & Repair

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