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DJS Car Parts Rack

Specialty Tools > DJS Car Parts Rack


Just $364.95 To Organize Your Shop

Lean Out Your Processing & Cycle Time By Keeping Car Parts In One Place.
Folding And Stackable these DJS Fabrications Car Parts Racks create the organized shop environment that will enhance your production.
Designed with better features, benefits and quality.  
By Doug Symiczek, founder

This Parts Rack Has Larger Shelves and Weight Capacity then any Car Parts Rack of similar design.

DJS Car Parts Rack Tightly StackedFrom the manufacturer that brought you the DJS Wheel Dolly - The best car moving dollies for auto body shops - Now offering the DJS CAR PARTS RACK with exceptional features. Watch the video...

Quickly and easily Stackable, the Car Parts Rack saves valuable space while holding more parts and heavier weight to accommodate so much more parts holding options.

                                                   parts rack low price match

DJS Car Moving Dolly Setup  

DJS Car Dolly

DJS Car Parts Rack Stand

DJS Car Parts Rack Features

  • Shelf Dimensions 2x4ft

  • Balanced for holding a hood on rear

  • Spring loaded shelves stay in up position without ties

  • Includes 3 hooks to hold hood, fenders etc.

  • Shelf Mesh openings are smaller to prevent fall through loss of small parts

  • Higher weight capacity

You also may be interested in the DJS Fabrications Wheel Dolly -  The Best Car Moving Dollies for collision repair facilities.
Watch the Video for a real treat.                                                                                                           

The DJS Universal Dolly Is Designed and Manufactured By Doug Symiczek - DJS Fabrications

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