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Body Buddy XL

Frame Machines

made in the usa

The Auto Body Buddy
                                    XL Work Station                                                                      

Body Buddy Frame & Body Puller

*Shown With Opional Second Tower
The Auto Body Buddy Flat Rack Is "Your Buddy" In Creating Serious Profit Margins
More than just a body pulling machine it is also a lift that makes each bay more productive than ever. Use it for Auto Body Repair - Inspection - Mechanical Work
"All at the Push Of A Button" Customers Rave About The Auto Body Buddy Flat Rack And You Will Too!


Non Intrusive and Multi-Functional With Electric Over Hydraulic Operation the Auto Body Buddy is only 3 inches high when lowered and provides
Drive-On Drive-Off capability.

See the Auto body Buddy In Action With This Performance Document Here

download body buddy brochure   watch the body buddy video

Body Buddy 4 ton moveable pull tower
electric frame machine pump

Enhanced Update 1
This is the new pull arm dolly. Rolls anywhere around the Auto Body Buddy, makes installation and removal of the pull arm that much easier. No more lifting it on and off the rack to the work station and vice versa.

Enhanced Update 2
This is the new portable pump dolly. Previously the pump was on a much larger stand making it harder to find space for everything in tight places. This takes up less space and is fully portable. The Auto Body Buddy is in a class of it's own.

exclusive pulling towerCheck Out The Special Combo Offer With The Auto Body Buddy And Eclipse 3D Electronic Measuring System. Amazing Opportunity, Limited Time Offer. This could change the total dynamics of your business in a Big way.  special promotion with measuring system

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