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Zinko Jack Hydraulics

Zinko Jack
Zinko Hydraulics Pro Line Systems

Hydraulic Frame Pulling Set

ZARS-1010           $769.62

Everything You Need to get your frame equipment in total order with one complete hydraulic package.
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Description: ZINKO
ZAP-101, ZAR-1010T, 6' Hose, Fast Flow Hose Half Coupler
Complete set with 10 ton 10" threaded cylinder ready to connect to many popular threaded type frame pulling machines.

1. This replacement set for frame pulling machines offers great performance and reliability.
2. Beats the leading competitors in oil flow delivery by as much as two to one, doing more work in less time.
3. High yield strength steel utilized in the cylinder makes it durable and easily repairable should the seals wear out.
4. Internal relief valve protects system components.
5. Metal housing on foot pump is extremely heavy duty, these pumps are durable and long lasting.
6. Two-stage release mechanism allows for fast ram return while reducing hydraulic shock. Operates easily by hand or foot.
7. Foot pump utilizes an all-metal air motor for reliability and easy maintenance.

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