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Used Chief S21 Frame Machine

Used Equipment
Update: 7/27/21 - Sorry, This Machine Has Been Sold

JUST IN... 3/3/21  Available Now...
The most popular and sought after Chief S21 Frame Machine.

This machine is priced below market value and comes with additional
accessories and a Massive tool board of pulling clamps
                       And a set of center line gauges and tram gauges
"Don't Miss This One"

Used S21
Used S21
This Chief S21 is in great shape and bought New by the original owner
It's equipped for serious repair of uni-body and full frame vehicles
Features 10 Tons of power on each tower for a combined 30 Tons force
with the push of a button
used three tower chief frame rack
chief S21 frame machine
Over $1,800 in optional hydraulics is included
centerline gauges
Chief S21 Clamp and accessory board
They don't accessorise frame machines like this one anymore
Everything you could ever need to produce fast accurate repairs is included

Lots of extra hydraulics is included
chief S21 3 tower ez liner used
Don't miss this Opportunity, it won't last long at this price
This Is A Rare Find... The owner is waiting to hear from you.

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