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SPOT LIFT 3T Car Lift by GYS

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GYS Spot Lift 3T
GYS Spot Lift Features
Bring The Portable Car Lift To The Vehicle Anywhere In The Shop
GYS Car Lift

The GYS SPOT LIFT is a tremendous asset for any auto body or mechanical repair facility.
Vehicle lifting is now faster, safer and more convenient than ever before.

Lifting the vehicle from any wheel or at the *rocker panel is accomplished with hardly any effort.

Bring the work quickly to where you want it. No more bending and no more fatigue.

Remove and replace wheels and mechanical parts with racetrack speed.
GYS Spot Lift At Rocker Panel
Lift Cars at the rocker panel or any wheel with the GYS Spot Lift 3T

You get solid build quality, exceptional engineering, easy & safe mobility.

Placing cars on wheel stands is now an easy and less laborious operation.

Spot Lift Lifting Car At Wheel

Bringing The Lift To The Vehicle Is A Tremendous Advantage
Spot Lift Pads
Add the *Optional Rocker Lift Pad for protective lifting at the vehicle rocker panel.

The GYS SPOT LIFT 3T will forever change the way your technicians
approach lifting vehicles.

Easily Lift The VehicleNo more bending to find a safe place to lift the vehicle with an unstable floor jack or creating auto body damage in the process.

Roll The Spot Lift to the carJust roll the Spot Lift to Any Wheel or Rocker Panel for a Simple, Safe & Fast lifting experience.

Use spot lift for vehicle inspections & estimates Perform quick detailed underbody inspections and estimates the easy way.

Low Rate Flexible Financing Is Available.

Safety First When Using The Spot LiftSAFTEY FIRST. As with Any Lifting Device users must read the manufacturers user manual and become totally familiar with the safe operation of the Spot Lift and observe and follow all saftey instructions and precautions.

No Money Down Payment Plan             Direct Capital Financing
                                   No Obligation Application

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