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Aluminum Repair Station by CompuSpot
900 Fusion Smart Spot Welder by Compuspot
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Complete Floor Pulling System
cheetah floor pulling system

Aluminum Repair Workstations
    Aluminum dent Repair Station
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  Starting At $3,487
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Our Best Selling Self Piercing Rivet Gun
Our Anniversary Special Promotion Continues

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High Powerd Spot Welders At Unbeatable Prices "Spring to it Now"...
see the welding productsThe #1 CompuSpot 900 Fusion "SMART" Spot Welder
"It's Got Brains"

spot welder digital touch screen
Advanced User Control
  • "SMART" Auto-Set Technology Mode
  • Basic Mode
  • Assist Mode
  • Complete With All Electrode Sizes
  • Printable Weld Report
  • Complete Dent Pulling Capabilities
  • 14,000 Amps / Liquid Cooled
  • 1,380 Lbs Squeeze Force
  • Free Shipping / On Site Traning

Huge $3,000.00 Discount

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compuspot 900 fusion spot welder

All Inverter Spot Welders On Sale

Universal Car Moving Dollies - Fully Equipped To Make Moving
Dead Cars & Trucks Quicker & Safer Than Ever Before
                        Only $999.99 Fully Equipped
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