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GYSPOT PRO 230 Steel Dent Puller by GYS

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
GYSPOT PRO 230 Dent Repair System

Professional Multi-Function Steel Dent Puller

2 Engineered Guns offer amazing capabilities with auto - touch
and quick change locks

3800 Amps provide the power you need for any steel panel straightening
230v Steel Dent Pullerwith 3800A output current, ideal for all steel dent pulling and straightening applications.
The most efficient dent puller thanks to 2 guns, one automatic and one with trigger and a user friendly control panel.

Only two parameters to select:
  • The output power level amoungst 11 settings
  • Select the tool which is used
No need to select welding current or welding time

Manual Triggering:
The welding occurs when pressing the trigger.

Automatic Triggering:
The welding is triggered automatically by a simple contact between the tool and the part to be straightend. See Video.

Cables Length:
Power supply 8 m
Gun: 2 m + 3 m

     GYSPOT PRO 230 Steel Dent Puller

Is a very advanced engineered product by GYS Manufacturing. It features every conceivable dent pulling capability that is required by today's modern collision repair facilities.

It features 2 guns for the highest level of various auto body dent repair operations with automatic touch triggering and manual set mode.

The Gyspot Pro 230 is Simple & easy to use, choose between 11 power settings for precise control in getting your auto body dent repair job done fast with precision results.

With 3800 Amps output you'll have the power you need to accomplish your dent repairs with ease.

Awesome Deal ONLY $1,597

The GYSPOT PRO 230 can accomplish all these operations.

   *Are optional
    • Stud Welding
    • Flameless Heat Shrinking
    • Slide Hammer Dent Pulling
    • Washer Welding
    • *Pull Rings & Electrode / optional
    • *Wavy Wire & Electrode / optional
    • * Bear Claw Pulling / optional
    • Includes Spotter Box Pro  Ref: 050075

ADD These Optional Accessories So You Can Perform All The Functions Seen in The Video.

  • Optional Spotter Box Bar Accessory Kit 050037 For Wiggle Wire And Pull Tab Pulling. $98.00

  • 6 Hook Pulling Claw so you can perform all the functions seen in the Video.  $79.00              
Gyspot Pro 230 Accessory Kit

6 Hook Pulling Claw

Watch the GYSPOT PRO 230 Dent Puller Video for an in action demonstration.

Steel Dent Puller

*Optional GYS / Spot 1000 Trolley is avaliable P/N 053540

The perfect Match for your steel dent pulling repair system.

Easily move your dent puller to any vehicle with everything quickly accessible to perform repairs.

We offer low rate financing with very flexible terms.
If you need Aluminum Dent Pullers or Combination Aluminum & Steel workstations

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