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Compuspot 900 Fusion Spot Welder Demonstration Video
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Professional Note:
The CompuSpot 900 Fusion from AMH Canada LTD is the automotive collision repair spot welder of the future, here right now.

The CompuSpot 900 Fusion's advanced "Smart" fuctionality is what has become neccessary by the automotive collision repair industry for automatic detection of metal type, metal thickness and automatic setting of welding parameters without the need for technician input. The Fusion determines the correct settings for power, squeeze pressure, weld time and keeps a log of every spot weld that has passed or failed. USB functionality keeps the Fusion Spot Welder up to date with factory releases whenever metals or procedures are implemented by auto manufacturers.
Truly a High Tech innovation and solution for todays very complicated auto body shops responsibility for utmost prodcuction and safety considerations.
Feel free to consult with us about this advanced spot welding technology and how it can benefit your facility in so many ways.
The Compuspot 900 Fusion is currently the Best Value On The Market.

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