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Compuspot 900 Fusion The Totally Intelligent Spot Welder

New Product
compuspot fusion smart spot welder

Pro Line Systems International Introduces the Compuspot 900 Fusion, the Ultimate Intelligent Spot Welder for auto body repair at an unbelievable price. Sold complete and nothing else to buy.

This revolutionary smart spot welder is changing the game in automotive spot welding, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, cycle time, dent pulling equipment, and productivity. Say goodbye to traditional methods and experience the future of auto body spot welding with the Compuspot 900 Fusion.


The GYS - AIRFIX Draw Aligner With Air Suction Technology

Pure Genius...
The CMO Electro Power Push Pull Auto Body Repair System.
It's like having a frame machine in your hand.

5 Tons of convenient battery-powered technology at your command.
Ready to repair car body structures with the push of a button.

learn more about the wedge clamp electro power by CMO

The Body Loc Truck Frame Vise Clamp For Any Frame Machine.
The most versatile Vise Clamps for virtually any Frame Machine.

The New Wedge Clamp Systems Fusion Plus WS-1000 Micro Processor Controlled Plastic Welder Station
High-performance, clean plastic welding without the need for Nitrogen or air.
An Amazing Performer And Great Value - Check It Out...

Fusion Plus Plastic Repair Station by Wedge Clamp

For pricing, and more information call us at 305-793-9503

Our Newest Addition To Our Spot Welder Line

GYSPOT PTI-S7 Inverter Evolution Automatic Set Smart Welder.
Industry approved, high quality spot welder for car body repair.
Powerful Specifications and Performance  - Learn More...Here
GYSPOT PTI-S7 Spot Welder
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