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Compuspot 900 Fusion The Totally Intelligent Spot Welder

New Product

For pricing, and more information call us at 305-793-9503

Watch The Compuspot 900 Fusion Video
Watch The New Compuspot 900 Fusion Video

Expert Opinion: Our analysis of the CompuSpot 900 Fusion "Smart" Spot Wleder.  
"It's a serious game changer" in the automotive collision repair industry.
See the CompuSpot 900 Fusion in field Demo Video.

Certainly an equipment Manufacturer's standing and reputation in it's industry category speaks volumes in favor of a prospective buyers consideration. Questions need to be considered of any manufacturer in understanding who they are, how long have they been in business, what are their manufacturing processes (do they manufacture their own parts) are they flexible in meeting demands for custom configurations and how do they take care of their customers.

You get the most current "Smart Spot Welder" Technology with the CompuSpot 900 Fusion, It is the only Spot Welder to consider when you factor in the most advanced spot welding technology and the amazing price point. Nothing Comes Close!

AMH Canada meets all these criteria and more.

We are enthused about the AMH CompuSpot brand and their high level of quality products and tech support. We fully recommend their entire line of advanced body shop equipment from their Spectratek Infrared curing lamps - Spot welders - Dent pullers - UltraMig Mig Welders - Blue Boy Pipe Benders - Industrial line of products and so much more. Be Amazed Download their Awesome full line Catalog here.    Giulio Valle.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the Compuspot 900 Fusion spot welder to Mr. Giulio Valle at: 305-793-9503

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