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UltraCut 40E Plasma Cutter


The UltraCut 40E2 40 Amp Inverter Plasma Cutter does a smooth razor cut job
of cutting any electrical conductive material including Aluminum  

ultracut 40E2 plasma cutter included accessories
The Ultra Cut 40E2 Comes Complete With:
  • Ground Cable & Clamp, Cutting Cable & Torch, Cutting Tip, Electrode, Copper Tip,
   Ceramic Cup (diffuser) Ceramic Ring and Air Filter Regulator.
Ultra Cut 40 Plasma Cutter

The Ultra Cut 40E2 40 Amp Plasma Cutter by AMH Canada is yet another quality product that provides Quality and Value

High frequency 220V (50/60Hz) volt Inverter with variable output control. Maximum 40A output at 60% duty cycle.

  • The Ultra Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Cuts stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminium up to 1/2 inch (13mm) thick. Severs cut 5/8 inch thick (16mm).
  • Metal plates with different thickness can be curve-cut
    into any shape.
  • Keeps Shop Noise To A Minimum compared to other metal cutting methods.
  • "Easy touch" smooth start.
  • Air regulator with water separator for longer tip life included.
  • The Ultra Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Features a Fan assisted air-cooling system with temperature overload protection.

The Ultra Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Includes:
Comes with "Back up pack" of tips and nozzles.
Comes complete with:
Ground cable and clamp, cutting cable and torch, cutting tip, electrode, copper tip, ceramic cup (diffuser), ceramic ring and an air filter regulator

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