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The Rail Saver

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Auto Body Frame Rail Repair Tool
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Save Lots Of Time And Increase Profits With This Powerful One Of A Kind Unique Tool That Pays For Itself Fast

Saving those questionable borderline frame rails is a decision you and insurers need to make quite frequently. Now a tremendous advantage is available to you to be able to make quality repairs faster and easier than ever before with The Rail Saver.

"Now you can confidently Save frame rails instead of replacing in many instances"

  • Repairs Frame rails fast from the inside out

  • Don’t spend time drilling and cutting access holes only to weld them back together

  • Converts your 4 ton ram* into a powerful box rail repair tool

  • 1½“ X 3” surface pressure with 1 3/8 travel

  • Repairs rails up to 27" deep

The Rail Saver with its capability for a technician to repair frame rails from The Inside Out will change how you will approach rail repairs from now on.

This is definitely a Must Have Tool for any quality collision repair facility. Simply put you can't afford to be without The Rail Saver

The RS-115AK Comes with No Hand Pump, So if you have a 4 Ton hand pump you can use yours and save some money

New Rail Saver Station
RS115-16AK Inc - The Rail Saver, Accessory Kit, Ram, Case & Wall Bracket / No Hand Pump

• Repairs frame rails fast from the inside out

• NO heating of frame rails is necessary

• Save time not having to drill and cut access holes only to weld them back together

• Zero in on the damage with 4 tons surface pressure and 1.2" travel

• Reach rail damage like never before up to 27" deep

• New Storage System with a case and wall mount bracket insures No misplaced accessories

• Precision /Frame Rail and Side member repairs are achieved fast and profitably

• Increases Repair Accessibility like having a dolly inside the rail to achieve perfect finishing

• Superb Metal Finishing Capabilities as inside outward pressure enhances tap out finishing

• Convex Pads, To Avoid Protrusions and achieve a solid stable base

• Pays for itself within a couple of uses, especially if you save a car from being a total loss

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When my technicians can save a frame rail instead of replacing it
"Everybody Wins"!

  • The Rail Saver enables us to save substantial repair time for our customer and insurance company

  • The shop makes more money and my techs move on to the next job faster then ever

  • Saving a vehicle from being a total loss means more work for our business

  • No more time consuming cutting open of rails to eliminate damage the old prehistoric way

  • Quality repairs are the huge benefit of the rail saver and it pays for itself faster than any other tool purchase ever.

Now That Is Smart Business!

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The RS120-16AK  Deluxe

"Includes The Hand Pump"  Call For Your Special Price                                                                                                                   

Rail Saver Bundle
RS-120-16AK Includes The Rail Saver, Accessory Kit, 4 Ton Pump, Ram , Case & Wall Bracket

Has everything you need Including the Hand Pump, convenently ready to staighten frame rails the way they should!

Deep Inside Rail Repairs Are Now easily accomplished

Rail Saver Accessory Kit
Finishing Pads Are Included

Included with boh kits is a full set of Finishing Pads so you can tap out every crease and ripple from the inside out for a perfect repair.

Every business needs to stay current on every new tool that will help provide faster and better methods of repair to remain profitable.
More shops are implementing the use of specific dedicated tools to accomplish quality repairs in a fraction of the time that it used to take. The Rail Saver is one such product that certainly does just that and at a price that helps pay for the tool in as quick as one or two frame repairs.

How's that for a return on investment?

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