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Hydraulic Pump and Jacks

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Industrial Grade                                   hydraulic air pump promotion

Air Pump
The Titanium hydraulic air Pump uses UPGRADED PISTON SEALS: TEFLON SEALS on the piston are used, they last longer, perform better and withstand the heat / friction very well.

Aluminum Piston Sleeve Many competitor pumps are using steel metal piston sleeves & as you know compressed air carries moisture in it. The water in the air will corrode this sleeve, tear the seals, and seize the piston. This sleeve corrosion renders the pump dead as the cost to replace (If it is even available as a part) is very high. The Titanium pump has an aluminum sleeve with a proprietary anti corrosion coating to last trouble free much longer.

Cast aluminum reservoir: There are many brands that still use plastic reservoirs and housings for these style pumps.
The Titanium hydraulic - 2600SU 10,000 PSI air pump uses a far superior cast aluminum reservoir that holds up so much better than plastic.

 Specification list:
1.   ¼ NPT air inlet. Pump operates on 100-145 PSI (100+ minimum).
2.   3/8 NPT oil output, safely builds to 10,000 pounds and has a built in safety overload pump saver.
3.   Oil flow / delivery: 7.6 inches per minute (W/load) 49.5 inches per minute (W/O load)
4.   Reservoir capacity: ½ gallon
5.   Useable oil 98 cubic inches (Suitable for all 10 ton rams, frame and body work)
6.   Release lock plate so operator can release and remove foot as release / return takes effect.
7.   3 pedal functions, Apply pressure, Hold Pressure, Release pressure.
8.   Net Weight : 18 pounds (With oil)
9.   1 year warranty.
10.  Quiet smooth operation, GIANT air muffler for low operating noise.

Great Quality and Value $299.00

Model 842
• Equipped with a 1600 c.c. reservoir.
• Designed to work with large diameter or multiple hydraulic cylinders.
Aluminum alloy reservoir for light weight and durability.

Note: Hydraulic hose is sold separately.

Rated Pressure 10,000 psi (700 bar)
Air Pressure 90-120 psi (6-8 bar)
Usable Oil Capacity 97 cu. in. (1600 c.c)
Dimension (L x W x H) 10 in. (255 mm) x 5.6 in. (141 mm) x 8.3 in. (210mm)


 Pneumatic / Hydraulic Frame Machine Air Pump


3 stage air bag jack
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