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Tru-Line Laser Wheel Alignment System

Wheel Alignment

TRU LINE Alignment ComponentsThe Tru-Line Alignment System is used by several auto manufacturers including Toyota / Wal-Mart / Trucking lines / Racing Teams / Thousands of body shops and many other fleet businesses are utilizing this easy to use, accurate and cost effective system.
•The Tru-Line TL-12 offers unsurpassed accuracy, simplicity and reliability. Wheel Alignments can be done wherever and whenever you need. On your frame machine or on the floor.

•It will measure caster, camber, SAI, two wheel, thrust line and total four wheel toe. Camber can be read even on a non level surface.
•Runs on D cell batteries - no cables or computers to deal with / 100% USA made
•With the ATL12, you can align all vehicles, from the smallest passenger car to trucks with 19-1/2" rims. Optional 6" extensions are available for larger wheels.
• Package includes: 4 Standard Wheel Clamps, Rear Combination Gauges, Brake Pedal Depressor, Steering Wheel Holder, Laser Guns, Caster / Camber Gauge, Calibration Bar, Training Video And Manual - Shipping weight 200lbs

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 Why Is The Tru Line So Popular


Long History!
Never Obsolete!
100% Made In The USA

Low Pricw Guarantee

TL-12 Deluxe    

Wheel stand for tru line wheel alignmentRace Ramps Wheel Stands Included

"In the shop or on the road technicians" - you'll increase your customer satisfaction and your bottom line and grow your business with your new wheel alignment capabilities that you will be able to preform anywhere you're at.

The TL-12 Deluxe
System comes complete with everything you need to perform 2 and 4 wheel alignments. Pictured here is the very strong but lightweight wheel stand that will provide convenient access to speed up your work.

Place your radius plates and rear slip plates (included) on the wheel stands and lower the vehicle on them for a comfortable working height.

Shoot your angles and have enough room to perform your wheel alignment adjustments quickly and professionally.

                                                                  "Simplicity Rules Here"...

Tru Line Laser Wheel Alignment System Brochure
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Tru-Line Wheel Alignment Specifications Brochure page 2
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Alignment System set up

Tru-Line TL-12 Features:                                              

  • Accurate, simple, reliable

  • No rack required

  • Calibrates in the field

  • Surface can be non-level

  • Live caster

  • Accurate to 1/64th in.

  • Runs on D cell batteries

  • No cables or computers

  • 100% US made

  • Two-year warranty

  • Comes with training video and instruction manual

Tru-Line  TL-12 Consists of:

  • Laser Guns

  • Rear Combination Gauges

  • Caster/Camber gauge

  • Calibration Bar

  • 4 Wheel clamps for rims up to 19 1/2"

  • Steering Wheel Holder

  • Brake Pedal Depressor

  • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.

tru line laser wheel alignment system technology
TRU-LINE wheel alignment system never obsolete
Tru-Line Wheel Alignment System Testimonials

Tru-Line Laser Alignment System
TRU_LINE Customer testimonials

Our Special Report

Special Wheel Alignment Report

Click the report to see how much profit you'll gain by doing your own wheel alignments fast & easy

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