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Florida Collision Repair News


By: Giulio Valle, President                                            


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We have a new electronic measuring system that will definitely intrique you with it's advanced features and affordable price tag.

This remarkable electronic measuring system is the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System manufactured by Advanced Measurement Systems.

Using advanced laser technology as used by the Aerospace industry,  the laser scanner of the Eclipse Measuring system is a derivitve of the laser systems used in the manufacture of the Boeing 777 and several other military aircraft. The Eclipse Measuring System is now the most advanced and easy to use measuring system for the automotive collision repair industry. The Eclipse is also the easiest system to learn how to use, it is now the only measuring system offering Online training because it is that easy to use. Get the latest information and watch the Videos of Mark Worman of the Graveyard Carz TV series using his Eclipse measuring system at his shop.  Very Awesome!                                                                                                     

Click This Photo To Learn More About The Eclipse Measuring System

The Miami Dade School System and Pro Line Systems have teamed up with a new pioneering program we call
"Tech Connect". We are bringing together shop owners and automotive dealerships and connecting them to students of collision repair and refinishing to help in providing quality entry level technicians the industry is in such critical need of.

We have developed a special page on this web site as an easy access portal that business owners can go to for information about the special program. Several links offer information on the program, school achievements, and how to connect with instructors to get students to work in their shop to gain practical in field experience at no cost. Learn more about this pioneering program here.

We just updated our website to HTML5 so all our customers that are relying more and more on their portable devices such as the Apple Ipad can enjoy all the interactive features of our website.

Be ready to take on business by assessing your equipment, remember you won't be able to keep up with or even beat the labor time allotted by the insurance companies if you are still doing repairs "Old School".

We have introduced the Hybrid Battery Powered Spot Welder that answers the problems many shops face when inadequate shop wiring presents the shop owner with the tough choice of spending thousands of dollars to upgrade the shop wiring or to forget utilizing a spot welder at all. Not Good! Check out the Hybrid spot welder here...

It is amazing how quick technology moves every industry you can think of, yes collision repair is one that is changing quite quickly indeed and if you don't keep up, the train of progress will leave you at the station. The longer you wait it gets worse.

At pro Line Systems we cheerfully give
FREE Consultation on every equipment purchase our customers are contemplating. We believe this to be paramount in our customer relations which has driven our success.

Our equipment prices are the "Best In Industry" another reason that has fueled our growth.

Our Price Match Policy shows we mean business, you can check it out here.

By The Way check out the new CompuSpot 900 Fusion Video we recently produced

F.Y.I. Purchase your equipment in 2013 and reduce your overall cost of your purchase by thousands of dollars. Learn more and calculate your savings at the government 179 website. Full Tax Deduction For 2013.

Sometimes Government Programs Do Work!

Last year they gave full equipment tax deduction for the full purchase of capital equipment up to $500,000

This year it has been reduced to just $125,000
Can you see a pattern here?
Next year who knows. Maybe none, so don't miss...

Wishing you the best of what life has in store for you.

Best Regards, Giulio Valle  

Stop buy our You Tube Channel and check out our Video (Speakers On) to get to know us better

Please Subscribe to it and that will enable the creation of more videos.

And we are doing the Twitter Thing too. Go Sign Up...  

We have also added our new Blog called "Auto Body Connect" go there and start posting anything useful. Go To: http://prolinesystems.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/your-welding-needs-have-changed-are-you-keeping-up/

Several new CompuSpot welders have been released and I must say to the dismay of the competition as these highly advanced models have just taken a quantum leap in spot welding for the collision repair industry. And at such an incredible price.

Check out the CompuSpot 900 FUSION VIDEO the welder that has changed everything.

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Gentlemen: Stop Losing Profits

Lots of customers are now asking about wheel alignment at the body shop level. Check out the
Tru-Line Laser wheel alignment system.
Read the report it will convince you.

That's it for now

Check back often, we promise to bring you special features and offers you won't find Anywhere Else.

Best Regards for a bright future.

Giulio Valle                                                        
Contact me here

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