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Spot Welders - Know This Before You Buy

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Published by Giulio Valle in Body Shop Equipment · 18 September 2021
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So What Is Spot Welding?

This article is a guide to some aspects of spot welding you may or may not be aware of but worth bringing
to the attention of auto body repairers to stay current on the latest spot welder trends.

At the end of this article, we suggest a spot welder manufacturer that provides the best quality and affordability
of any spot welder brand on the market.

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Resistance spot welding is mostly used in the manufacture of automobiles and many other types of
industrial and consumer products.

The average car has approximately 5,000 spot welds. The current use of coated steels, high-strength steels,
and most recently hot-stamped steels and aluminum in the automotive industry have presented challenges
to this simple but very effective joining method.

As new variations of steel are developed, the need for spot welding machines to keep up with the
increased power, squeeze force, and functionality required to produce satisfactory safe welds
becomes very important.

Resistance spot welding is a process where heat from electrical resistance between the opposite
weld caps passes through the steel layers. Combined with electrical power, clamping force and time in a
small concentrated “spot” creates resistance which in turn causes the sheets of metal to melt into a molten
state without using any filler material.

This provides tremendous cost savings, reduction of time, and a very safe and
clean finished job.

We at Pro Line Systems International Inc. focus on the automotive collision repair industry, we provide the welding equipment needed to comply with current industry standards.

The latest generation of Spot Welder evolution for the collision repair industry is the
"Smart Spot Welder"

So what is a "Smart" Spot Welder?

compuspot fusion Welder        smart spot welder control panel

Traditionally until about the last 15 years, most spot welders were of the manual set type. Meaning, the technician manually sets the welding parameters of electrical power, squeeze force, and time of the weld cycle.

All three settings combined, affect the quality and safety of the spot weld. Therefore, too much or too little of any of these settings determine if a spot weld is a good weld or a bad one.

Simply put, too much heat = degradation of the metal,
Whereas too little heat = improper weld penetration.

To try and address this issue, and avoid human error, spot welder manufacturers have developed a new generation of "Smart" spot welders.

These machines implement microprocessor technology that measures resistance and can evaluate each layer of steel thickness and combination of different types of steel and automatically program all welder settings correctly with minimal input from the technician.

Even though Smart Welding Technology can be helpful, it is not foolproof.

FYI - If the technician performing the spot welds does not perform test welds on a similar part of the vehicle and then performs a destructive or tear test, there is no way of knowing if the weld had the proper penetration and nugget size.

spot weld tear / destructive test

It is important to do the tear or destructive test to determine if the weld is accurately produced. As with life in general, nothing is perfect, several factors could affect the automatic settings and not
provide a quality safe weld.

Therefore, technicians must always do the destructive peel test. This is mandatory for Any Type of spot welder, Smart or Not!

 destructive test of spot weld

To keep this article concise and to the point without making it too long, we will suggest a welder brand that is quality manufactured and priced better than any other brand on the market.

Smart technology and standard spot welders are available on our website.

CompuSpot Welders by AMH Canada.
900 Fusion Smart Welder

Now for our recommendation
for a quality spot welder brand from a long time
manufacturer that has been producing industry-approved spot welders
for over 45 years.  
                            Learn More
                             900 Fusion
                  Smart Spot Welder Page

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