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Electronic Measuring Systems - How To Choose The Best

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Published by Giulio Valle in Body Shop Equipment · 30 August 2021
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The Latest Advancement In Automotive Collision Repair Measuring

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We cut through the salesman sweet talk that their system is the best and guide
you to the facts that matter most.

We share our experience by offering you a bullet list of questions to ask
before opening your wallet and later finding out you may have not made the best decision.

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The Good Old Days of using a tape measure or hanging gauges to conduct
vehicle measuring are long gone. No question about it, the new generation of advanced automobiles
require highly advanced measuring systems.

Today's modern vehicle is manufactured with very close tolerances and are equipped
with sensors that monitor all sorts of driver assist and critical safety functions.

#1- Damage Analysis And Repair Verification

The most critical aspect of collision repair is to properly measure the damaged
vehicle before and after the repairs are completed. This must be verified with a printout
 substantiating the vehicle has been restored to acceptable industry tolerances.


Your customer's lives and your reputation are dependent on you.
Always Measure!

All collision repair facilities must protect themselves from any liability issues related to any
structural repair performed in their shop. Never let a vehicle leave your shop without proving you properly
followed the vehicle manufacturers' repair procedures and provide detailed physical documentation of the accuracy of repairs performed.

That being said, your first line of defense is to create a damage analysis and
repair verification report that proves the shop restored the vehicle correctly.

Let's Move On... Choosing The Best Measuring System for your shop.

Every collision repair facility is unique unto itself, with varying degrees of training,
differing types of collision repair equipment, and the desire to be the best they can be.

Electronic measuring systems come in many sizes, shapes and technologies, and determining which is best
for your shop can be a daunting journey for sure.

camera auto body measuring system   matrix wand auto body measuring

This article focuses on laying out the groundwork you should follow so you can make the best decision
in choosing an accurate Three Dimensional electronic measuring system that will serve you well.

As you search the internet Take Notes and verify the claims.

All measuring systems have strong and weak features that define what they are
capable of performing, so choose one that has the features most important to you.

questions to ask about Measuring Systems?

Dig deep and do your due diligence, take notes, and determine the technology that is
best for you. Then check out our best recommendation at the bottom of this article

Some important measuring system questions to consider.

    • Is the system capable of simultaneously measuring multiple reference points on the vehicle and provide automatic 3D continual live updates as the repair progresses?

    • Can it measure upper body structure - under hood strut towers, core support, ABC pillars, and any random upper body points?

    • Is the system user-friendly, and easy to use so it won't end up sitting in the corner
      like many other measuring systems do?

    • What type of support comes with the purchase, is there in shop training provided,
       Live online support, can the system connect to the internet to a tech support person that can provide                        timely answers and help as needed?

    • Can it be set up in minimal time so my techs won't complain it is too time consuming to use, and will it
         prove itself in being a profitable investment?

    • Is it able to be used on a frame machine and floor pulling system during a repair?
    • Can it quickly measure on a Two-Post Lift?

    • What is the cost and term of software and vehicle measuring data subscription?
      How many updates are included during the subscription period?

    • Is there any penalty if we skip a year of data updates?

    • Does the vehicle need to be level to be able to produce accurate measurements?
       Can it document the system was calibrated properly at time of measuring?

    • Can the vehicle be completely measured from front to back with just one setup?

    • Is the technology vulnerable to common shop coditions such as wind, temperature, sound, light, dust and debris that could potentially cause inaccurate measurements?

    • Can the system be removed quickly from one frame machine to another and start measuring another vehicle with no major hassles?

Electronic measuring systems range from approximately $25,000 to $40,000. This is no small investment,
so use this information to your advantage.

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best auto body measuring system is eclipse by wedge clamp
You owe it to yourself to check out the Eclipse Plus Laser Measuring System and Videos.

You will agree, it's simple to use advanced technology is the answer to your search. AMAZING PRICE TOO!

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Article presented by, Giulio Valle
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