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5 Things You Need To Know When Repairing Electric Vehicles

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Published by Pro Line Systems in Informational · 30 October 2022
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Charging Electric Cars

Five Things You Need To Learn When It Comes To Repairing Electric Vehicles

Let's face it, the movement to electric-powered vehicles is taking over more and more each year. No Doubt about it, the electric vehicle will soon be taking over the petro-fueled vehicle and become the new transportation technology used to propel our cars and trucks. But with this technology car repairers need to be aware of issues these electric-powered vehicles pose to our safety, read on...

Lady Charging Her Electric Car

In specific locations, electric vehicles are becoming a mandatory choice. However, if your car requires auto body repair, you might wonder about the differences between electric and conventional vehicles.

Let's talk about five important things we need to be aware of when performing auto body repair on electric vehicles.

Auto Body Basics

Repairing an electric vehicle will indeed cost more than repairing a regular vehicle. Because components and parts for electric vehicles are less readily available than conventional ones, and battery damage can be particularly problematic if a collision occurs, it's important to remember that an electric vehicle may cost more to repair.

A study found that electric vehicles typically cost 3% more than conventional cars to repair or replace after an accident, even though they are simpler to maintain and repair.

Choosing the Right Parts

In addition to being powered by electricity, electric vehicles feature parts that are not as commonly used as fuel-based automobiles. This makes repairs more costly and makes it difficult to obtain replacement parts. Especially in these days of supply chain issues.

Moving the Vehicle

Because of their engine design, towing an electric vehicle on its wheels can damage the system and create a shocking hazard, so care must be taken. Once the vehicle reaches its destination, its body panels, among other things, may require inspection for damages.

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Regenerative Brakes - if the wheels turn they are producing electricity, be aware.
Regenative Brakes Produce Energy

Should We Paint EVs?

Beyond being painted, electric vehicles also require different temperature thresholds because of the batteries. Usually, after a vehicle has been painted, it will be put in a booth and the paint cured. Still, different temperature thresholds must be maintained with electric vehicles to satisfy the battery requirements.

Finding a reputable automobile body shop to finish the curing process is essential since it takes longer for the vehicle to dry and therefore requires more time. In most instances, the manufacturer prefers the curing process to be baked at a lower temperature, rather than a fast high heat curing process.

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