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GYSPRESS Self Piercing Rivet Gun

Dent Pullers Rivet Guns
Pro Line Systems Fifteen Year Celebration

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  Due To A Great Response for the GYSPRESS 8T
Our Anniversary Discount Continues
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The GYSPRESS 8T Self Piercing Rivet Gun features a unique combination of
precision engineering and user friendliness making it "The Category Leader"  Our Best Seller!
Works Perfectly with the Ford F-150 / F-250 Trucks and All Aluminum vehicles

GYSPRESS Self Piercing Rivet Gun Features
GYSPRESS 8T Riveter Optional Accessories
important information
8 Out Of Ten Body Shops Prefer a Pneumatic / Hydraulic Operated Riveter
Over Any Battery Operated System


GYSPRESS Rivet Gun Video Demonstration Self Piercing Rivet Gun Movie
                                                            CLICK To Watch

"Watch the Educational Video" to fully appreciate the fine details of the System.

This full Video presentation with actual use will answer any questions about the machine.

Important Decision Making Information, Please Read.

Unlike other self piercing rivet guns the GYSPRESS 8T is Self Contained and Does Not need any external air pump at all. Just connect your air hose and GO! Everything is in one hand making this your best value choice by keeping it Simple but Extremely Significant. You will be able to Control all critical functions of piercing speed and pressure easily accessible right in your hand.
This exclusively designed tool is manufactured by GYS engineers as a Feature Rich, Closed Air / Hydraulic Powered SPR Riveting System. It has been developed for modern automotive aluminum or steel repair applications requiring Self Piercing Rivets or Flow Form Rivet Joining & Bonding applications. It has earned a solid reputation for being a precision and smooth operating machine with precise control and maneuverability which creates the perfect finished rivet bond without any metal distortion.

What You Need To know...

The Self-piercing riveting (SPR) process is a relatively new joining technology, it has become very popular especially in the automotive industry such as Ford's F-150 F-250 pickup trucks. As more vehicles are being produced with aluminum it is imperative all Collision repair facilities are equipped and trained in this process. SPR is a quick, inexpensive procedure using semi-tubular coated rivets to join the sheet metal components into a very strong mechanical joint. No pre-drilled hole is needed, the rivets are pushed directly into the sheets and pressed through a die that forms an excellent bond without penetrating through the bottom layer thus creating a bond with structural strength similar to a traditional spot weld. Intense industry testing has determined that using steel SPR rivets has shown to produce crashworthiness performance comparable to spot welding integrity. The SPR process also offers better corrosion resistance than spot welding.
Several vehicle manufacturers are now requiring steel panels to be replaced using SPR riveting and bonding "even if the original panel was spot welded". There are several reasons for this so give us a call and we'll explain.

Be Prepared: For the new generation of Aluminum collision repair? Pro Line Systems promises to provide you with the best pricing on quality aluminum repair equipment that will serve you well.

Our Anniversary Price Reduction Is In Effect - Don't Miss Out...
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Hydraulic Pneumatic Self Piercing Rivet Gun
High Technology Meets Simplicity Through Intelligent Engineering by GYS Manufacturing - France

The Ergonomic Self Contained Balanced Design of the GYSPRESS 8T Self Piercing Rivet Gun encourages operator use with simplicity and effectiveness offering superior performance while generating up to 8 tons of precision piercing pressure.
The C-Arm Rotates 360 Degrees for easy accessibility and positioning in hard to reach areas making this intelligently designed SPR machine a pleasure to use on the Ford F-150 or any aluminum vehicle, present or future.

Limited Rivet Gun offer

Finance it!
Payments as low as $120 per month or less
The GYSPRESS 8T Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit Consists of the following Components...

  • 2- Die Keys
  • 1- Strap
  • 1- Arm HR1S
  • 1- Arm Handle
  • 1- Box of Rivets
  • 1- Center Punch
Plus 1- Standard Die Kit 3.3 & 5.3mm for Extraction and Rivet Positioning

*Optional Rivet Die Kits are available for Ford F-150 /F-250, BMW, Jaguar/Land Rover, VW/Audi, Mercedes-Benz and More.

                                                                Punch & Die Kit for the GYSPRESS Rivet Gun  Click For GYSpress Optional Die & Punch Kits

Learn more about the Ford decision to move to Aluminum and get a better understanding of the why & how of self piercing riveting from their perspective.

Here is a publication from an industry expert detailing the more scientific side of the SPR process  scientific side of the SPR process.

Confused about Riveting Applications for the Ford F-Series Pickups?
Go to our Rivets page
and download the Ford rivet application charts
Click Rivet Kit To Enlarge
GYSPRESS 8T SPR Rivet Gun With Case And Accessories
The Full Featured GYSPRESS 8T Kit With Deluxe Case

SPR riveter arm attachment

Easy positioning and access of C arms for riveting and rivet removal applications

The HR1S C-Arm is included it replaces the HR1 offering more versatility
GYSPRESS 8T HR1S C-Arm Included with kit
Optional 5 & 10 inch Arm Kit with Deluxe Case is available
Optional Long Reach Arm Extentions  5 & 10 Inch For Deep Access

Check Out Assembly Magazine's Revealing Article about the Ford F-150  Assembling Ford's Aluminum Wonder Truck

Available Accessories
Optional:  Accessories are available offering even greater technician enhancements for quickly accomplishing arm & die setup in minimal time.
All featured in the rivet gun video

GYS Complete Work Center

arrow to photo   For the Ultimate in Convenience and Productivity set up your GYSPRESS in a one of a kind complete workstation. With all optional accessories combined It keeps everything together with easy access to extended arms and accessories and a stand that positions the gun in a great position for fast die and arm changeouts. Drawers keep everything in order, just Roll it to the work area with everything at your fingertips for the most productive riveting system ever... It's our exclusive promotional offering. On special limited time promotion. See It Here.

Learn About GYS Manufacturing - Visit Their Website

Created in 1964, GYS is a family-owned company with over 500 employees around the world. Built around continuous investment in research and development and the acquisition of knowledge, the company is now a major player in the design and manufacture of welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment.

  • Equipment for car body repair. GYS offers the largest range of repair equipment in the world for vehicles involved in accidents i.e dent pulling, welding, riveting, lifting, induction heating systems (as well as many additional tools). This product range has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who trust us day after day. GYS is truly a comprehensive and cutting edge organization providing the world of auto body collision repair with the most advanced auto body repair equipment available.
  • Download the GYS Manufacturing Catalog here for a real in depth look at the vast product line offered by this world wide company

The GYSPRESS Punch & Die Kits for specific vehicles are here

The GYSPRESS 8T Self Piercing Rivet Gun has a Maximum pressure of 8 tons with integrated pressure gauge and speed control for easy adjustments right at the gun.
  • Fast and easy arm change.
  • C-arm swivels 360° around the riveting machine axle.
  • Selection of arms are available for difficult and long reach access applications.
  • Easy to use ergonomic handle and trigger for a great user experience.
  • Magnetic die makes rivet positioning fast & easy.
  • GYS USA is ready to support you with expert tech support and training.

                                                       Watch the GYSPRESS Riveting system Video Demonstration On Sale Now

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"0" Money Down financing is available by Direct Capital

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