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Wheel Dolly

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Our TITANIUM Branded Universal Car Moving Dollies make moving imobile
cars & trucks the easy way.
Move Any Vehicle In Any Condition With Wheels On Or Off Faster & Easier Than Ever Before Possible.

The Titanium "Plus 4" Universal Car Dolly Series
is ready to increase your shop production in auto body and mechanical shops

Universal Car Dollies with mobile station
wheel off attachments
Each dolly comes fully equipped offering multiple ways to move cars & trucks
Titanium Universal Dolly Systemv
included brackets and accessories
The Deluxe Mobile Dolly Station Includes 4 unversal dollies and full set of attachments consisting of 1- Pinch weld clamp, 1- Rubber pad, 1- Wheel stud mounting bracket / all are included with each dolly.

Each dolly is rated at 4,000 pound capacity.
Solid heavy duty casters, 2 are locking for safety.
Includes Mobile Dolly Station
Can attach to vehicle in the following ways.
With tire on / straight into dolly.
With tire on or off / place onto rubber support pads.
With wheel off / attach to threaded studs.
With wheel on or off; attach pinch weld clamp to uni-body rocker pinch weld.
Can be used with almost any vehicle, it's the smart and safe way to move vehicles around the shop.
Safest way to move electric vehicles
Fastest - Easiest And Safest Way To Move Immobile Vehicles
You get all these accessories with the Titanium 4 pack mobile dolly station
drop & go dolly method
Drop the wheel on the Universal Car Dolly and Go!
vehicle support with rubber pad
Each dolly is fully equipped with a complete array of accessories
pinch weld set up
Use the vehicle stand with Rubber pad for quick simple moves
wheel off attached to wheel lugs
The versatility of the universal dead car dollies will end useless manpower labor efforts and lost time struggling to move immobile cars & trucks. No matter what the vehicle condition is in with wheels on or off you have four ways of quickly moving those heavily damaged or mechanically inoperable vehicles.
In the body shop you'll have a big advantage getting that dead vehicle onto your frame machine in a safe and secure manner.

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